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Vionde app for 80s music collectors.

It is possible that YouTube will offer links to physical formats for streaming accounts in the future. This would be a way for collectors to purchase the physical copies of the music they love, while still being able to stream it on YouTube. It would also be a way for YouTube to generate more revenue from its streaming service. Continue reading


The return of HMV to Oxford Street, what it means to music fans

LONDON, May 2, 2023 /Entertainment/ — The iconic brand is back on Oxford Street where it stood as a driver of music and pop culture in the capital for so long. HMV His (Master’s Voice) is set to return to its flagship store on Oxford Street in London, England. The store was originally opened in 1921 and was the first HMV store in the world. It is one of the most iconic music stores in the world and has been a popular destination for music lovers for generations. Continue reading


Music licensing platform Tribe of Noise partners with Pex to identify more licensing deals for musicians

Through Pex’s digital rights management solution and advanced identification technology, Tribe of Noise will be able to track music usage across more than 20 digital platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. This will enable Tribe of Noise to identify potential licensing opportunities for its artists and provide them with the necessary tools to monetize their music. Continue reading