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March Networks Enhances Security for the 2024 Games in Paris

March Networks® is proud to announce its important role in the security setup for the Paris 2024 Games, specifically the Stade Nautique de Vaires-sur-Marne and the Vaires-Torcy leisure complex. Read more


Celebrating Summer with Red Gold Tomatoes from Europe

Summer is traditionally celebrated with round, sun-coloured fruits and vegetables, making organic Red Gold tomatoes from Europe a natural choice for summer dishes. The sunshine and rich soil of the Mediterranean provide ideal conditions for growing high-quality organic tomatoes and Red Gold Tomatoes from Europe have become renowned the world over for their flavour and nutritional benefits. Read more


Some say a shot of olive oil can prevent a hangover – here’s what the science says

Justin Stebbing, Anglia Ruskin University

The search for alcohol hangover cures is as old as alcohol itself. Many cures and remedies are sold, but scientific evidence for their effectiveness is lacking.

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Novelis Doubles Capacity to Recycle Used Beverage Cans in UK

Novelis Inc., a leading sustainable aluminium solutions provider and the world leader in aluminum rolling and recycling, today announced it is investing approximately $90 million to increase recycling capacity for used beverage cans (UBCs) at its plant in Latchford, UK. The project will increase the facility’s recycling capacity for UBCs by 85 kilotonnes per year, equaling a growth of more than 100%. Read more


FutureGrail Presents “Patek Philippe: Eternal Icons” Thematic Auction

Get ready for an unforgettable event! FutureGrail, a premier auction house and museum for rare timepieces, proudly announces its upcoming online auction, “Patek Philippe: Eternal Icons.” This remarkable auction will feature an extraordinary catalogue of over 50 rare and vintage Patek Philippe timepieces, carefully curated by world-renowned experts. The online auction will take place from 1st September to 14th September 2024, with previews in Singapore, Geneva, and Dubai. The complete auction catalogue will be available online by 1st August 2024. Read more

Wirex and Visa Expand Partnership to Drive Web3 Payment Adoption

Wirex, the leading Web3 money app, and Visa, a world leader in digital payments, are thrilled to announce a partnership to further the use of digital currencies in the UK and the European Economic Area (EEA). Read more

How being shot might affect Donald Trump’s mental health – and that of millions of others

Simon McCarthy-Jones, Trinity College Dublin

After the attempted assassination of Donald Trump at his Pennsylvania campaign rally, there is much speculation about how this will affect the 2024 US election. However, no one is yet asking how these events may affect Trump himself.

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Will Joe Biden step down? An expert Q&A

Dafydd Townley, University of Portsmouth

Joe Biden’s extremely weak performance at the CNN TV debate last week, has prompted senior figures in the Democrat party to question whether he is fit enough to stand for the upcoming presidential election. Former speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said it was reasonable to ask: “Is this an episode or is this a condition?”

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UK election: Tory downfall is democracy rectifying its mistakes

Stephen Barber, University of East London

Democracies are no better than other forms of government at avoiding catastrophic mistakes. But they are much more effective at rectifying them. While the 2024 British general election might have seemed a long time coming, as the country meandered from one failure to the next, the utter scale of defeat for the Conservatives is testament to the ability of a democratic system to reject, reverse and renew.

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Election 2024: these are the races to watch

Oliver Heath, Royal Holloway University of London and Humphrey Southall, University of Portsmouth

As the country gears up for the election, all eyes are on the bellwether constituencies that historically reflect the broader national mood.

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