ERB approves lower electricity tariffs for low-income households in Zambia

April 21, 2023 /Economy/ –The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) in Zambia has approved lower electricity tariffs for low-income households that consume 100 Units or less per month. The new tariffs will take effect on May 1, 2023.

The ERB said the decision to lower tariffs was made in order to cushion low-income households from the rising cost of living. The new tariffs will see a reduction of 25% in the cost of electricity for low-income households.

Households that consume 100 Units or less per month will now pay ZMW 0.65 per unit, down from ZMW 0.90 per unit. This means that a household that consumes 100 Units per month will save ZMW 25 per month.

The ERB said the new tariffs will be reviewed after 12 months to assess their impact on the economy.

The lower tariffs are expected to benefit over 1.5 million low-income households in Zambia. The households will now be able to afford to use electricity for essential services such as lighting, cooking, and refrigeration.

The lower tariffs are also expected to boost economic activity, as businesses will be able to reduce their operating costs. This will lead to job creation and increased investment.

The ERB’s decision to lower tariffs is a welcome move that will benefit low-income households and the economy as a whole.

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