How to pair Google Pixel 7 pro with android studio

Nov. 29, 2023 /Developers/ — To use your Google Pixel 7 Pro to pair with Android Studio for testing apps, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Install Android Studio and the necessary tools: Download and install Android Studio on your computer. If you haven’t already, you’ll also need to install the Android SDK Platform-Tools and the latest version of the Android USB driver for your Pixel 7 Pro. You can find these tools from the Android SDK Manager within Android Studio.

  2. Enable USB debugging on your Pixel 7 Pro: Go to Settings > System > Developer options. If you don’t see “Developer options,” go to Settings > About phone and tap “Build number” seven times. This will enable Developer options. In Developer options, enable USB debugging.

  3. Connect your Pixel 7 Pro to your computer using a USB cable: Make sure to use a high-quality USB cable that is certified for data transfer.

  4. Verify that Android Studio recognizes your Pixel 7 Pro: Open Android Studio and go to Tools > Device Manager. Your Pixel 7 Pro should appear in the list of connected devices. If it doesn’t appear, try restarting your Pixel 7 Pro and Android Studio.

  5. Select your Pixel 7 Pro as the target device: Once your Pixel 7 Pro is recognized, select it as the target device in Android Studio. This will allow you to deploy and test your apps on your Pixel 7 Pro.

Now you’re ready to start testing your apps on your Pixel 7 Pro using Android Studio. You can deploy your app to your device directly from Android Studio, and you’ll be able to debug your app and view logs in real time.