International Nurses Day

May 9, 2023 /Health/ — International Nurses Day is celebrated on May 12th every year. It is a day to recognize the contributions of nurses to healthcare and to society as a whole. The day was first celebrated in 1965, and it is now celebrated in over 100 countries around the world.

The day is celebrated in honor of Florence Nightingale, who is considered the founder of modern nursing. Nightingale was a British nurse who played a key role in improving the care of wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. She is also credited with founding the first school of nursing in the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is holding a number of events to commemorate International Nurses Day. These events include:

  • A social media campaign to raise awareness of the importance of nurses.
  • A webinar on the role of nurses in global health.
  • A live event in Geneva, Switzerland, where nurses from around the world will come together to celebrate their profession.

The WHO is also calling on governments and other stakeholders to invest in nursing and to create a better working environment for nurses. Nurses play a vital role in healthcare, and they deserve our support.

Here are some additional ways to celebrate International Nurses Day:

  • Thank a nurse for their hard work and dedication.
  • Donate to a nursing organization.
  • Volunteer your time at a local hospital or clinic.
  • Learn more about the nursing profession.

By taking these steps, we can show our appreciation for nurses and help to ensure that they have the resources they need to provide quality care.

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