Who is Linda Yaccarino? Here is what we know

Linda Yaccarino is a media executive who has spent the past 12 years at NBCUniversal, where she most recently served as chairman of global advertising and partnerships. She is widely respected in the advertising industry for her ability to build relationships with brands and create innovative marketing campaigns. In 2021, she was named by AdAge as one of the most powerful women in media.

Yaccarino began her career at Turner Broadcasting System Inc., where she held a variety of roles in advertising sales. In 2009, she joined NBCUniversal, where she quickly rose through the ranks. She was named president of advertising sales for the company’s cable networks in 2011, and then president of advertising sales for all of NBCUniversal in 2015. In 2021, she was promoted to chairman of global advertising and partnerships.

Under Yaccarino’s leadership, NBCUniversal’s advertising business has flourished. In 2021, the company generated $10.3 billion in advertising revenue, up 12% from the previous year. Yaccarino has also been a key player in the development of new advertising formats, such as addressable TV and connected TV.

Elon Musk has not publicly stated why he chose Yaccarino to be the next CEO of Twitter. However, it is likely that he was impressed by her track record of success in the advertising industry. Yaccarino is also known for her strong leadership skills and her ability to build relationships. These qualities could be essential to the success of Twitter, which is facing a number of challenges, including declining user growth and advertiser concerns about the platform’s content moderation policies.

Yaccarino is a highly accomplished executive with a proven track record of success. She is well-respected in the advertising industry and has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Twitter. She is also a strong leader with a proven ability to build relationships. These qualities make her an ideal choice to lead Twitter into the future.

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