Jason’s lyric the movie

Jason’s Lyric is a 1994 American erotic romantic psychological drama film, written by Bobby Smith Jr., directed by Doug McHenry, who co-produced the film with George Jackson and Marilla Lane Ross, and starring Allen Payne, Jada Pinkett, Bokeem Woodbine, Treach, Eddie Griffin, Lahmard Tate, Lisa Nicole Carson, and Forest Whitaker. Set in Third Ward, Houston, Texas, the story is about two mentally scarred brothers who choose different paths in dealing with their tragic childhood.

As children, two brothers, Jason and Joshua Alexander, witnessed the fatal shooting of their abusive father, Mad Dog (Forest Whitaker), one night when he came home drunk and attacked their mother. Said tragedy leaves deep scars and affects them to choose different paths in their future. Jason (Allen Payne) becomes a responsible young man who works as an assistant manager and sales clerk in a Houston electronic shop and lives with his hard-working mom, Gloria (Suzzanne Douglas). Joshua (Bokeem Woodbine) has just been released from prison.

Jason is in love with Lyric (Jada Pinkett), a waitress at a local diner. Lyric is beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious, and she represents everything that Jason wants in a woman. However, Joshua is jealous of Jason’s relationship with Lyric, and he tries to sabotage it.

The film explores the themes of love, loss, violence, and redemption. It is a powerful and moving film that is sure to stay with you long after you have seen it.