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Experienced Pilots Voice Safety Concerns As Holiday Travel Season Begins

As Airline Captains, First Officers, Line Check Pilots, Mentors and Passengers, we have witnessed a concerning and significant rise in close call aviation incidents in 2023. The safety of commercial airline travel has been compromised because of the increasing number of experienced airline pilots being forced into retirement at age 65 and carriers’ ongoing struggles to attract and retain top tier pilot candidates. Factoring in the loss of on-the-job training (“operational experience” or OE) by the more experienced pilots who mentor the less experienced pilots and given the unprecedented level of US air travel following the pandemic, the situation is untenable. This according to members of the Let Experienced Pilots Fly, Inc. organization. Continue reading


Chairman of the Board Of Avia Solutions Group Gediminas Ziemelis: Predicted Shortage Of 300,000 Pilots By Decade – Grim Reality Airlines Are Facing

n 2022, aviation surveys and reports by leading aviation bodies predicted an imminent pilot shortage, and the situation has been nothing short of these forecasts. These incredible predictions were chiefly informed by the state of the aviation industry, characterised by massive staff layoffs and grounded operations, which left many pilots with no option but to seek alternative income sources to sustain their lives. However, with the rebound in global passenger travel from the first to the last quarter of 2022 and through 2023, many airlines have continued to struggle with high pilot demands and deficits in pilot supply, starting in Asia and Pacific, North America, the Middle East, and Europe where the shortfall in pilot supply is most acutely felt compared to other regions. Continue reading


Artemis Aerospace: seven weird and wonderful careers in aviation

Aviation is big business. It’s estimated the industry supports over 10 million jobs worldwide, generating billions of pounds of GDP. Although badly hit by the pandemic, aviation is recovering well, with passenger numbers climbing back towards 2019 levels. Commercial pilots and cabin crew are busy again, but so are many other industry professionals. Here are seven surprising aviation jobs you might never have heard of… Continue reading