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What if there was a way to approach a breakup as an opportunity?

June 19, 2023 /Lifestyle/ —  It’s no secret breakups are hard. Navigating the aftermath of a relationship can bring up feelings of helplessness and loneliness.  It is possible to heal from heartbreak. There are ways to shape your mindset after a breakup that will help you assess your situation, move forward, and find the right support to keep your head held high.

Here are some tips on how to approach a breakup as an opportunity and move on with optimism: Continue reading


I did not fail as a father

May 18, 2023 /Family/ –The role of a father in a marriage breakup is to continue to be a loving and supportive parent to his children. This can be difficult, as the breakup can be a very emotional time for everyone involved. However, it is important for fathers to remember that their children need them, even if they are not living with them full-time. Continue reading