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What if there was a way to approach a breakup as an opportunity?

June 19, 2023 /Lifestyle/ —  It’s no secret breakups are hard. Navigating the aftermath of a relationship can bring up feelings of helplessness and loneliness.  It is possible to heal from heartbreak. There are ways to shape your mindset after a breakup that will help you assess your situation, move forward, and find the right support to keep your head held high.

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The Croatia-Zambia adoption scandal

April 26, 2023 /World/ – The Croatia-Zambia adoption scandal is a complex case with many unanswered questions. The four Croatian couples involved in the case had been in the process of adopting children from Zambia for several years. They had all been approved by the Croatian government and had received all of the necessary paperwork. However, when they arrived in Zambia to pick up the children, they were arrested on suspicion of child trafficking.
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