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How knowledge graphs can be used to represent semantic relationships

April 16, 2023 /Technology/ — Knowledge graphs are a type of graph database that is used to represent knowledge about the real world. They are made up of nodes, which represent entities, and edges, which represent relationships between those entities. Knowledge graphs can be used to represent a wide variety of knowledge, including facts about people, places, things, and events.
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ChatGPT struggles with Wordle puzzles, which says a lot about how it works

Michael G. Madden, University of Galway

The AI chatbot known as ChatGPT, developed by the company OpenAI, has caught the public’s attention and imagination. Some applications of the technology are truly impressive, such as its ability to summarise complex topics or to engage in long conversations.

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Horrible bosses: how algorithm managers are taking over the office

Robert Donoghue, University of Bath and Tiago Vieira, European University Institute

The 1999 cult classic film Office Space depicts Peter’s dreary life as a cubicle-dwelling software engineer. Every Friday, Peter tries to avoid his boss and the dreaded words: “I’m going to need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow.”

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