How to run Android TV on Ubuntu desktop

April 27, 2023 /Technology/ — Android TV is a version of the Android operating system designed for TVs and set-top boxes. It includes a user interface designed around content discovery and voice search, content aggregation from various media apps and services, and integration with other recent Google technologies such as Assistant, Cast, and Knowledge Graph.

Android TV was first released in 2014 and is now available on a variety of devices, including TVs, set-top boxes, soundbars, and streaming sticks. It is also available on some smart TVs from manufacturers such as Sony, Philips, and TCL.

Android TV offers a number of features that make it a good choice for streaming media to your TV. These features include:

  • A wide variety of apps available in the Google Play Store, including streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.
  • The ability to cast content from your phone or tablet to your TV.
  • Support for voice search with the Google Assistant.
  • A user interface that is easy to use and navigate.

If you are looking for a smart TV operating system that offers a wide variety of features and apps, Android TV is a good option to consider.

It is possible to install Android TV on a desktop. There are a few different ways to do this, but one of the easiest is to use the Anbox project. Anbox is an open-source project that allows you to run Android apps on Linux.

To install Anbox on Ubuntu, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Run the following command to install the Anbox snap package:
Code snippet
sudo snap install anbox
  1. Once Anbox is installed, you can start it by running the following command:
Code snippet
  1. When Anbox starts, you will be presented with a list of Android apps that you can install. You can install apps by clicking on the “Install” button next to the app that you want to install.
  2. Once you have installed some apps, you can launch them by clicking on their icons in the Anbox launcher.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when running Android TV on an Ubuntu desktop:

  • Anbox is still under development, so there may be some bugs.
  • Not all Android apps will work on Anbox.
  • Anbox can be a bit slow, especially on older hardware.

If you are looking for a more polished experience, you may want to consider using a different method to run Android TV on your desktop. There are a number of different options available, such as using a virtual machine or installing Android TV on a separate partition.

If you are still having problems, you can contact the Anbox developers for help. You can do this by opening a bug report on the Anbox issue tracker.

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