Spanish and English people in Benidorm

Tue, Aug 15 2023 – Benidorm is a popular tourist destination for British people, so there is a lot of goodwill between the Spanish and English people there. If England were to win the World Cup, I think the Spanish would be happy for the English fans and would celebrate with them. There might be some good-natured ribbing about the English finally winning, but overall I think the reaction would be positive.

Here are some specific examples of how the Spanish might react to an English World Cup win in Benidorm:

  • They might raise a glass of sangria to the English team and sing “Three Lions”.
  • They might put on an impromptu street party with music and dancing.
  • They might offer free tapas to English fans.
  • They might change the names of their businesses to things like “El Pub Inglés” or “La Tienda de los Tres Leones”.

Of course, there is always the possibility of some negative reactions, such as Spanish fans booing the English team or throwing objects at them. However, I think this is unlikely in Benidorm, where there is a strong sense of community and a desire to see everyone have a good time.