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The alcoholic said that he wanted to stop drinking

The phrase “some people cannot stop nothing” is a colloquialism that means that some people are unable to control or prevent things from happening. It is often used to describe people who are impulsive, reckless, or irresponsible. For example, someone might say “some people cannot stop nothing” to describe a person who is always getting into trouble or who is unable to keep their commitments. Continue reading


Unlike with academics and reporters, you can’t check when ChatGPT’s telling the truth

Blayne Haggart, Brock University

Of all the reactions elicited by ChatGPT, the chatbot from the American for-profit company OpenAI that produces grammatically correct responses to natural-language queries, few have matched those of educators and academics.

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Do we have free will – and do we want it? Thomas the Tank Engine offers clues

Matyáš Moravec, University of St Andrews

Are we free or are our actions determined by the laws of physics? And how much free will do we actually want? These questions have troubled philosophers for millennia – and there are still no perfect answers.

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