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My password being

July 17, 2023 /Developer/ — The joke about your password being is that it is a security hole. This is because a password that is all zeros is very easy to guess, and therefore not very secure. The joke is a play on words, as a “security hole” is also a term used to describe a vulnerability in a computer system that can be exploited by hackers. Continue reading


How to mitigate the risk of AI prompt injection and protect your systems from harm

April 26, 2023 /Technology/ — Prompt Engineering is considered one of the hottest new tech skills. It refers to communicating with AI systems by using natural human language, such as English, to make them respond to some specific action or task. Talking to AI software can be done for legitimate reasons, it can also be done for harmful purposes.

Here are some examples of AI prompt injection attacks that have been used for harmful instructions: Continue reading