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Why is Jesus often depicted with a six-pack? The muscular messiah reflects Christian values of masculinity

Chris Greenough, Edge Hill University

Have you ever wondered why so many images depicting the crucifixion show Jesus with a very defined, slender and toned body? Either slim, but with a six-pack, or displaying muscles and brawn. While these images are hardly a reflection of what little can be surmised about the historical Jesus, they certainly reflect social and cultural ideas about masculinity and idealised notions of manhood.

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Samson without his hair, what’s the deal?

June 27, 2023 /Lifestyle/ — Samson’s hair was a symbol of his Nazarite vow, which was a special religious commitment that he made to God. As a Nazarite, Samson was forbidden from cutting his hair, drinking alcohol, or coming into contact with dead bodies. These restrictions were intended to set him apart from other people and to symbolize his dedication to God.

Samson’s strength was also tied to his Nazarite vow. The Bible says that God’s Spirit would “strengthen” Samson “as long as his hair was not cut” (Judges 16:17). This suggests that Samson’s hair was a source of his spiritual power. Continue reading