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You can pray for Trump’s redemption.

June 15, 2023 /World/ — Prayer can help Trump in a number of ways, even if it does not directly lead to his redemption or prevent him from going to jail. Prayer can provide comfort and support, help him to focus on his faith, and give him strength to face whatever challenges he may be facing. It can also help him to connect with others who are praying for him, and to feel the love and support of his community. Continue reading


Why is trump using the deck?

June 12, 2023 /Politics/ — In a game of cards, the trump card is the most powerful card in the deck. It can be used to beat any other card, regardless of its rank or suit. This gives the player who holds the trump card a significant advantage over the other players.

The trump card is often used as a metaphor for any advantage or resource that gives someone an edge over others. For example, a company might have a patent on a new technology that gives it a monopoly in the market. This patent would be considered the company’s trump card, as it would allow it to charge high prices for its product and prevent competitors from entering the market. Continue reading


Animated Irish Movie Portrays U.S. Tech Moguls On Dublin Pub Crawl

The new film takes place during the dying days of Trump’s presidency and portrays a doomed Dublin pub crawl conducted by a group of American tech moguls, prohibited from visiting one another’s European HQs during the early days of Covid-19 but urgently needing to agree on whether or not to sign a critical EU agreement. Continue reading