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Is the beef between Zambia and Zimbabwe caused by HH

 Aug. 31, 2023 /Politics/ — There is no known beef between Zambia and Zimbabwe election results. The two countries have a long history of cooperation and have jointly worked on a number of regional initiatives. In the 2002 Zimbabwean presidential election, the Zambian government refused to recognize the results, which were won by Robert Mugabe. However, this was due to concerns about the fairness of the election, rather than any beef with Zimbabwe. Continue reading


Is alcohol the number one cause of death?

29 August 2023 /Food and Drink/ –I n 2022, there were 1,245 alcohol-specific deaths in Scotland, compared to 1,051 drug-related deaths. This is the first time that alcohol-related deaths have been higher than drug-related deaths in Scotland.

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Ministry of Defence purchases 1,000th Landshield anti-jam system

Raytheon UK announced today the Ministry of Defence has purchased its 1000th Landshield unit, marking the latest milestone in the company’s efforts to defend critical GPS signals. Landshield is a market-leading anti-jam system. Only the size of a hockey puck, Landshield’s lightweight, small frame and low power usage allow it to be ultra-versatile and operate on land, sea, and air. By repelling jamming and spoofing attempts, Landshield aims to ensure that it defends the GPS signals of any military system using it. Continue reading


Educating your children about racism

July 11, 2023 /World/ — It’s great that you’re educating your children about racism, even though they’re not racist themselves. It’s important to start these conversations early, so that they can grow up understanding the dangers of racism and how to combat it.

Here are some tips for explaining racism to your children:

  • Start by defining racism in simple terms. Explain that racism is when someone is treated differently because of their race.
  • Talk about the history of racism in the world. Explain how racism has been used to justify slavery, segregation, and other forms of discrimination.
  • Talk about the different forms of racism. Explain that racism can be overt, like name-calling or violence, or it can be more subtle, like microaggressions or implicit bias.
  • Talk about the impact of racism. Explain how racism can damage people’s self-esteem, make them feel unsafe, and limit their opportunities.
  • Talk about how to combat racism. Explain that racism is a problem that we all need to work together to solve. Talk about the importance of speaking up against racism, supporting anti-racist organizations, and educating others about racism.

It’s also important to be age-appropriate in your discussions with your children. For younger children, you may want to focus on the basics of racism, such as what it is and why it’s wrong. As your children get older, you can have more complex conversations about the history, impact, and ways to combat racism.

It’s also important to be a role model for your children. Show them that you are committed to anti-racism by talking about it, reading books about it, and supporting anti-racist organizations.

By educating your children about racism, you can help them to grow up to be anti-racist allies. You can help them to create a more just and equitable world.


Petal Ads gives back this Ramadan so every business can enjoy a superior ad experience

Petal Ads, formerly known as HUAWEI Ads, a leading advertising platform by Huawei, one of the world’s largest technology providers, has introduced an exclusive Ramadan Ad Campaign bundle designed to help businesses and brands in reaching a highly targeted audience throughout the holy month. Petal Ads is a fast-growing and industry-leading mobile ad platform for publishers, advertisers and marketers who want to drive growth and reach untapped and valuable new audiences. Huawei has a long history of responding to the demands of local markets in order to satisfy customer expectations. Continue reading


Diners Have Spoken: OpenTable Announces the Top 100 Restaurants for 2022

This year, restaurants became much more than just a place to grab a meal – but instead, the perfect backdrop for socializing, a way to connect with the local community and an escape from too much time spent at home. OpenTable is revealing diners’ most beloved spots to do just that via the Top 100 Restaurants in America for 2022, curated for diners, by diners, from over 13 million reviews. Continue reading



The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022, sponsored by Perrier, were unveiled at a live awards ceremony in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain on Tuesday 4th October. Marking the 14th year of the illustrious list, and the first time it has been revealed outside of London, the awards unite the global bar community in recognition of the bartenders, bar owners and brands at the forefront of the international cocktail scene. Continue reading


As online hate speech hits Africa, social media firms told to act

  • Online hate speech targets Zimbabweans in South Africa
  • Widespread digital abuse also seen in Ghana, Kenya
  • Culturally sensitive content moderation key, say activists

By Kim Harrisberg and Nita Bhalla

JOHANNESBURG/NAIROBI, Aug 3 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Social media used to be a source of light entertainment for Nora, a 47-year-old Zimbabwean domestic worker living in South Africa. But lately, it has become a source of fear.
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